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· Main Issues of Controlling Project Cost in China for Foreign Companies
· A new and better approach to Engineering balance of accounts
· Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and toluene be labeled as Precursor Chemical
· CDM projects Flourish in China
· DaYaWan Petrochemical Industry Park is ready to operate
· Strong demand of Methanol in Guangdong October 13, 2006
· New Tax Policy for the project invested by foreign investor October 8, 2006
· Tax reimbursement for export of 25 kinds pesticide and its intermediate are canceled September 29, 2006
· Energy conversation on the recovery of plastic bag September 17, 2006
· Natural gas is being used in Guangdong September 17, 2006
· The complete open schedule of the Petroleum industry is still in the air August 31, 2006
· The general layout of the Yinzhou Lake petrochemical base in Jiangmen city was started August 28, 2006
· Market demand analysis of dimethyl ether August 22, 2006
· The approval condition of pesticide project was heightened again June 14, 2006
· Market on acetone product is bright in China
· Degree of self-sufficiency on PS increases constantly
· The supply and demand on ABS needs to be solved
· TMP is still need to be imported
· PE and PP are shortage in the near five years
· The demands on DMF with high quality is large
· The supply of styrene can’t meet the demands of it
· The supply on EVA rosin must be fasten
· Investment on phosphoric fertilizer is too hot
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